6 tips Inca Trail

6 things you should know before trekking the Inca Trail
Published by Peru.com
Translated and adapted by Natasha Clay

1. There are no returns
Remember, if you have already booked the Inca Trail there are no refunds. Be confident with your final decision, because once it has been made there is no going back.

2. Prepare yourself
The Inca Trail is not some light walk, it consists of long stretches and high altitudes. Preparing months in advance is key to not suffering from soroche (altitude sickness) or anything else.

3. Clothing
The weather is unpredictable therefore you should always be prepared for the hot sun or intense cold.

4. Footwear
Because you will be going on long walks as you cover the trail over a series of days, special footwear is key. Always ask in stores which is the best for long distance trekking and hiking.

5. Hiking sticks and trekking poles
Although you may think won’t be necessary, using a hiking stick or trekking pole will help make the journey easier.

6. Food
Always bring lots of bottled water, soda crackers, cereal bars and canned foods on your trek as your journey will take several days.

Also, remember that sunblock, mosquito repellent, a flashlight and a small medicine kit is important to bring along with you.


SOURCE: PeruThisWeek.com

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