El Brujo

El Brujo, the ancient Moche capital
Arturo Alva

The archaeological complex El Brujo (the warlock) is one of the most important and ancient sites of northern Peru. Basically it is formed by three major huacas: Huaca Prieta, Huaca Cao Viejo and Huaca Cortada. This ancient place was a ceremonial, political and religious center, as well as the capital of the ancient Moche in the Chicama Valley, about 60 km north of the city of Trujillo.

Along the sea, two pyramidal structures arise. One of them, El Brujo, stands out for the richness and good conservation of polychrome relief scenes that cover the front of the structures. You will find scenes of priests, sacrifices as well as mythological scenes set in a night marine world that develops in the presence of a female deity. It is possible that these ceremonies took place in the surrounding area of the Huaca.

If you climb until the top of the pyramid, you will notice the difference between these structures (such as the Huaca de la Luna) and the Egyptian or Mayan pyramids. The corridors and rooms are decorated with polychrome reliefs and paintings. In some environments you can find the fearsome deity of the underworld. Some of the walls, measuring three meters high, still have the Moche decoration intact. The image of a face with hair of snakes and large fangs protruding from the mouth is repeated often.

Standing among the tall pyramids you’ll feel its impressive magnetism sending you to a trip to the pre Colombian world of ancient civilizations.

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