El Niño, Rain in Peru

Intense rain throughout Peru
By: Rafaella Poppe

Did you feel the scattering of rain drops these past few days?
El Niño has been bringing a lot of rain recently, in many parts of Peru.

Yesterday, it rained in high zones of Lima like Santa Eulalia and Chosica. It seems that those intense rains will be repeated throughout the remainder of the week according to meteorologist Luis Suárez Sotela. Sotela detailed that the rain will vary from 5 to 15 millimeters in intensity (5 to 15 liters by square meter).

Pavement weakened by heavy rain swallows car in La Libertad

Yesterday, between 3 pm to 6 pm, the intense rain started in the aforementioned areas, leading to the Carretera Central being blocked at kilometer 52, by Cocachacra. This puts many families that live by that area in very high risk.

“It’s raining in the central and southern highlands and that’s why there are conditions so new rain can be registered. After Friday, the rain could be repeated but it will be less intense. This happens regularly at this time of the year,” he stated according to Andina.

But Lima hasn’t been the only part of Peru with these strong rains. Yesterday, at around 4:40 pm, Trujillo suffered from intense rain. The region of La Libertad was largely unprepared. Last week, on February 3, it was reported the most intense rain since El Niño from 1998 in Trujillo. Even sewer pipes collapsed, and a section of road collapsed, swallowing a car.

The biologist Carlos Bocanegra Garcia said that the rain is because of El Niño. “The rains will keep getting stronger and we are waiting for a response from the authorities,” he indicated.

SOURCE: PeruThisWeek.com

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