Kuelap cable-car

Kuelap cable-car system to begin test period soon

Holidaymakers will be able to reach the majestic Kuelap Fortress (northern Amazonas region) via cable-car following a test period with free-of-charge journeys scheduled for January 31. Official opening is slated for mid-February.

Once operational, tourists will be able to reach the Fortress in 20 minutes along 4 km at an elevation of up to 3,000 meters, rather than spending almost two hours on the road.

The cable railway, together with the country’s current tourism boom and direct flights to Chachapoyas province, have provided a major boost to the region’s tourism projections.
As a result, Kuelap expects to triple visitors inflow from 40,000 (2016) to 120,000 (2017), Amazonas Regional Trade and Tourism Director Jose Luis Alvarez estimated.
On the other hand, Regional Social Development Manager Yesper Saravia highlighted efforts to facilitate access to the cable-car’s base station.

“We are currently working to get more tourists from Chachapoyas to Tingo Nuevo, where the cable-car journey begins,” he affirmed.

“This ancient city boasts multiple tourist attractions and biodiversity. It’s an opportunity to boost social and economic development in the region, creating more employment and showcasing Amazonas region to the world,” Saravia concluded.

The system

The state-of-the-art system uses a high-tech 8200 long cable to run the cable-cars at an average speed of 6 meters per second. 

Cable-car users will first need to arrive at Tingo Nuevo’s boarding station. Facilities include tourist service area, restrooms, a bar, a cafeteria, lookout points, among other amenities. 

From there, a bus takes travelers along the 3-km trail to the boarding platform. 


Political center to the ancient Chachapoyas civilization, the Kuelap Fortress dates back to 500-1450 AD.

Built atop a mountain 3,000 m.a.s.l., these stunning pre-Incan ruins constitute one of Peru’s most important archaeological complexes.

Kuelap’s highlights include circular houses with conical roofs, a ceremonial platform and northern tower. 


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