Los Organos

Los Órganos, a breath of hot summer air
By: Agnes Rivera

Embrace the heat that summer has gifted the Andean nation, and take time getting to know friendly sea creatures on your next travel to northern Peru.
In 1532 Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro founded the first Spanish city in Peru when he arrived to the northwestern city, Piura. Much of the mestizo and creole culture that developed thanks to the blend of indigenous and Spanish populants remains to this day. Derivative of pirhua, a Quechua term meaning “abundance,” Piura lives up to its name, offering up plenty to do, whether you are looking for a sweet escape or an adrenaline filled adventure. Commonly referred to as la ciudad del eterno calor (the city of eternal heat), the coastal region has only been hotter since the turning of the New Year and the effects of El Niño have kicked in.

Like the sides of a coin, Los Órganos, in the region of Piura, can offer you two very different experiences depending on how you choose to visit. In the mood for a party, or prefer to keep your getaway a little more intimate? Go ahead and make your choice; there’s no force of nature stronger than your desire.

Los Órganos
Thirteen miles south of Mancora, the typical choice for party-going beach bums in Peru, the waves continue to crash but the sounds on shore have noticeably hushed. Tucked far away from the highway, Los Órganos has yet to build up the reputation of Mancora. However, over the years there has been a steady emergence of restaurants and accommodations to satisfy those who have come to see what everyone is whispering about.

Los Órganos is a quaint beach town in northern Peru and the local beach, Punta Veleros, is one of the best kept secrets (and let’s try to keep it between us). Rather than polka dotted with patrons, this coastal getaway (just 1.5 kilometers from the center of Los Órganos) is a minimalist artwork with just a splatter here and there of visitors.

A condominium of beach homes and ocean-view hotels border the clear waters that invite you in for a dip to cool off or a ride on your surfboard to break a sweat. Local company Pacifico Adventures offers a marine coastal tour (keep your eyes out for whales, sea lions, green turtles, dolphins and more), the chance to snorkel with turtles, and even artisanal fishing that ends with turning that catch of the day into the freshest ceviche you could imagine (contact: pacificoadventures@yahoo.com).

In the evening, when the sun has tired, take a stroll to Los Órganos Port (Av. Ribera del Mar in Piura) and catch the best sunset in northern Peru.

How to get there
A budget friendly option is to take a bus on one of the many transport agencies offering rides up north directly from a Lima terminal, although it will set you back anywhere between 16-20 hours. If time or comfort is an issue, flights are also available from Lima to Piura. From the Piura airport, Los Órganos can be reached by a few hours ride by bus or taxi.

SOURCE: PeruThisWeek.com

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