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Tucume Museum is presented World’s Best Tourism Project award
By: Hillary Ojeda

The efforts of preservation of Peru’s archaeological sites is a growing phenomenon; especially since the Ministry of Culture has announced plans to build the National Museum of Archaeology of Peru, among other developments.

Another stand-out project is the recently completed Tucume Museum. In November of last year, the British Travel Writers Association chose it as the World’s Best Tourism Project.

Last weekend the guild presented the important award, identifying it as an ‘eco-museum’ at a gala event in the new facilities of the Tucume Museum in Lambayeque.

The Peruvian museum was chosen for this award as it demonstrates great touristic potential and as well, for the social work put forth by the local population.

The museum is considered an ‘eco-museum’ for its multiple mediums through which visitors and local communities can appreciate the site.

“This is a new concept for Peru, through which communities can preserve, interpret and evaluate their assets for sustainable development,” said Alfredo Narvaez, the founding director of the museum, reports Peru21.

Available activities at the museum include educational activities for the conservation of cultural and natural heritage, such as a pottery workshop, an archaeology clinic and an educational classroom where children in the area can learn about their cultural and natural heritage.

Finally the museum promotes the development of skills in textiles, jewelry, among other trades, to train local entrepreneurs to benefit from tourism.

SOURCE: PeruThisWeek

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