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7 museums that you should visit in Lima
Published in Peru.com
Translated by Natasha Clay

There are several museums in Lima for all tastes. Below are some must sees.
Have time to spare while visiting Lima or just want to take the weekend to explore something new? Here are 7 museums that you should visit at least once.

1. The National Archaeological Museum, Museo Nacional de Arqueología
Founded in 1822, it’s the oldest and most representative bibliographic museum in Peru that exposes pre-Hispanic objects, artistic, photographic and documentary collections of colonial and republican period.
Hours are from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm

2. The National Museum, Museo de la Nación
It has the most varied and vast collection of pre-Hispanic times; more than 12,500 pieces, among which are ceramics, textiles and metals of the Moche, Wari, Lima and Paracas cultures. It also has an impressive collection of over 2,500 historical pieces of colonial and republican art.

3. The Museum of Santo Domingo Convent and Catacombs, Museo del Convento de Santo Domingo y Catacumbas
Exhibited in the convent are artworks, furniture from the colonial era and the catacombs, which are a series of underground passages where the ancient inhabitants of the city are buried and on display.

4. Museum of the Court and of the Holy Inquisition, Museo del Tribunal de la Santa Inquisición
It was headquarters of this institution in the colonial era where the punishment and torture of persons prosecuted for criminal offenses or were against the Catholic faith was carried out.

5. Lima Art Museum, Museo de Arte de Lima
This museum has a collection of over 12,000 pieces can be seen in the collections of Pre-Columbian Art, colonial art, photography, textiles, contemporary art and colonial and republican silverware, among others.

6. The Museum of Gold, Museo del oro
Offers a large collection of gold objects made by pre-Inca civilizations. In its rooms you can appreciate the expertise and skill of the ancient inhabitants of Peru used to make beautiful bracelets, earrings, nose and chest, among many other objects.

7. Pedro de Osma Museum, Museo Pedro de Osma
Located in Barranco, the former residence of the Osma family houses various art collections of the colonial era as paintings, textiles, furniture and other.


SOURCE: PeruThisWeek.com

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