Umayo Lagoon

Umayo Lagoon, a beautiful place for nature lovers
Published in Peru.com
Translated by Natasha Clay

About 34 kms from the center of the city of Puno is located the beautiful Umayo Lagoon, opposite of the archaeological complex of Sillustani which also attracts many tourists. This lake is surrounded by swamps and seasonally flooded grasslands.

When observing the landscape travelers may also encounter the flora and fauna of the Atuncolla district. Here, where the lagoon is located, animals like vicunas, vizcachas, geese, mallards, tiquechos, among others, are easily spotted in those parts.

Besides being perfect for nature lovers and photographers, travelers can also experience a kind of experiential tourism near Lake Umayo. Get to know the way of life of the inhabitants of Atuncolla, who are also prepared to receive tourists and even house them.

Travelers participate in the planting, production of carpets from alpaca or sheep, guinea pig breeding, hiking, boating, grazing, etc.

SOURCE: PeruThisWeek.com

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